+ SEO Coaching – $1,200

Our 45 Day Website Package will get you a beautiful website. But if you're wondering how people will find your website, our SEO Coaching package is the right fit for you. We'll guide you through analytics, metrics, and SEO maintenance.

Google Analytics

We enable Google Analytics on your Squarespace account. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that lets you see how many visitors you have, what they are looking at, and how they got to your site.

SEO Discovery Session

Spend an hour with our SEO strategist to identify keywords and search phrases you want your site to rank on. We'll talk about ways to measure your SEO success going forward using actionable goals.

Analytics Report

We give you an SEO report that includes Keyword Assessment and Keyword Competitive Analysis.

SEO Maintenance Worksheet

Optimizing your site's ranking is all about maintenance. Based on your specific SEO needs, we build you an SEO Maintenance Worksheet. The Worksheet is a helpful tool and reminder that guides you through the tasks you will need to do on a regular basis for SEO.

SEO training

You don't need to be a certified SEO expert to achieve good rankings, but it is a complex topic. We'll sit down with you, walk you through the language of SEO, and how to use your SEO Maintenance Worksheet.

6-month Consult

SEO doesn't happen overnight. Around 6 months after your site launches, you sit down with our SEO strategist again for a check in. We'll review your measurable goals and your progress, and make adjustments if necessary.

* 45 calendar days only applies to the 45 Day Website Package and does not include any of our Add-on services. Once an Add-on is included, the project will take longer than 45 days.