Essential package


Essential package

  • Fully responsive, mobile-friendly site that you can update yourself.

  • Need to accept payment online? No problem. A photo gallery? That too. Integrate it with your social media? Of course. 

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How it works

Free consultation

We consult with you with a 30 minute phone/e-mail/in person consultation to ensure that Well Oiled Machine is the right fit.


Our project manager directs client to portal to agree to terms, sign and pay

Requirements Gathering

PM directs client to fill out RG form so we can gather their requirements prior to the discovery session.

Discovery Session

PM, designer and client have a 1.5 hour in-person or phone meeting to review all details prior to starting the project

Site Map/Navigation - designer puts together the site map for client to approve

Content Strategy Worksheet - designer puts together the CSW for the client to approve

Feedback/Revisions from client - finalize site map + CSW

Asset acceptance - client sends PM all of their design assets (logo, photography, content, colour palette, hosting/domain registrar access, etc.)

Squarespace template research - designer chooses the right template for the client

Stock Photography research - if applicable, the designer will do up to 2 hours of photo research for the website

Squarespace website design - designer designs the website based on clients brand, site map and placeholder text

Feedback/Revisions from client (2 rounds) - finalize design of site

Asset acceptance - client sends PM all of their content

Content population - designer populates site with the client's content

Transferring Ownership - client receives invitation from WOM to accept ownership of their SS site so it is taken off trial mode and they pay for it

Feedback/Revisions from client (1 round) - finalize design of site with all content in place

Training - client receives a 1.5 hour training session on Squarespace

Final approval/Domain set up - client gives final approval of site, WOM redirects link to Squarespace (if applicable)