Typical 45 Day Timeline


Free Consultation

We consult with you (in person, by phone, or by email) to ensure that Well Oiled Machine is the right fit. This can take up to 30 minutes.

Requirements Gathering

We will direct you to our easy-to-use online questionnaire, where you'll provide us with additional details about your business and your website requirements. This usually takes 10-15 minutes.

Terms and Estimate

We write up a project estimate and terms and send them to you for your review. Once you agree to the terms, and make a 50% initial payment ($2,000), we're ready to start. Your project will be assigned a project manager and designer; 45 days from now, you'll have your website!

What you get from us

  • Online questionnaire
  • Online estimate with terms and conditions

What we need from you

  • Answers to the online questionnaire
  • Acceptance of estimate
  • 50% payment of website ($2,000)

1 - 5


To kick off the project, your project manager and designer will meet with you to discuss vision, goals, and risks (based on the results that came out of your online questionnaire). We can do this in person or on the phone, and it can take up to 1.5 hours.

Communication platform access

We set you up on our communication platform, Basecamp. This is where will you and the Well Oiled Machine can share files, questions and feedback. A project timeline detailing dates and responsibilities will be sent to you on Basecamp.

What you get from us

  • Basecamp access
  • Project timeline

What we need from you

  • Feedback/approval to project timeline

6 - 10


Our User Experience team analyzes all the information gathered so far, and designs a Site Map. The Site Map shows the navigation and structure of your new site. You review the Site Map and we make any necessary revisions.


The Site Map outlines the content you will need, and the Content Guidelines explain how to write, organize, and upload your text and images. If the task of writing content seems daunting, we can connect you with a professional Copywriter.

What you get from us

  • Site map
  • Content guidelines

What we need from you

  • Feedback/approval to site map
  • Begin writing/organizing your content

11 - 13


Send us all the branding pieces you have: branding guide, photography, logos, colour palette, etc.


We'll send you step by step instructions to guide you through the process of setting up a Squarespace account. (Don't worry, we'll manage your account for you while we design and set up your website!)

What we need from you

  • Logo, photos, colour palette, etc.
  • Set up a Squarespace account

What you get from us

  • Step by step guide to setting up a Squarespace account

14 - 35


Based on your preferences and requirements, the designer will begin to design your website in Squarespace. As we are working on designing your website, you will be writing your content.


Once your content is finished, send us the text and images, and we populate your site.


Once all your content is in, we will send you a link to preview your website. Sometimes this first design is perfect. But don't worry, we'll go through 2 rounds of revisions, where you can give us your feedback and make requests.

What we need from you

  • All text + images
  • Feeback/approval to the website design

What you get from us

  • Link to the website preview

36 - 40


Before going live, one of our Squarespace specialists will sit with you for a 1.5 hour training session (either in person or on the phone). Here you will learn how you can make updates, enter content and easily control your own website from the Squarespace administration panel.

What you get from us

  • In-person training

41 - 45


We connect your domain name to your new site, and transfer ownership in Squarespace over to you. Take the time to review and let us know of any final refinements that need to be made.


Your new website is live and ready to be seen by the world! Of course, now that you have full control of it, you can continue to make updates as needed.

What you get from us

  • Enabled live site

What we need from you

  • Final feedback and approval on your website
  • Final 50% payment of website ($2,000)

Are you interested in working with Well Oiled Machine? Do you have a question about our services? Get in touch, and we'll get back to you.

Need more? Try Our Add-ons



Add Branding to your 45 Day Website Package, and we will design a custom logo and provide you with a branding style guide.

Photography, Commercial

The images on your website speak volumes about your brand. Add our Commercial Photography package to your 45 Day Website Package, and you will get a professional photography session, and edited, high resolution photographs. Need headshots too? We have Headshot Photography package as well.

Photography, Headshots

Professional headshots capture you and your staff at their best. Add Headshots photography to your 45 Day Website Package, and we'll set you up for a studio session with a professional photographer.

SEO Coaching

Our 45 Day Website Package will get you a beautiful website. But if you're wondering how people will find your website, our SEO Coaching package is the right fit for you. We'll guide you through analytics, metrics, and SEO maintenance.

Content Writing

Your words are your story. You have the words, but don’t have the time to tell the best story on your website. Let us do the work by adding our Content Writing Package to your 45 Day Website Package. Receive your content professionally written to drive your sales. If you need help to develop the ideas behind the writing, check out our Content Development Package.

Content Development

Your words are your story, but you don’t have a story yet! Let us help mould your brand to attract the most customers. This Content Development Package can be added to your 45 Day Website Package as an addition to the Content Writing Package.

Printed Marketing Materials

We've teamed up with a professional printshop to create quality printed cards and stationery to complement your new website. Our design team will create the artwork and take care of all the technical specifications for you.

What you get from us

  • Expert advice to help you build your brand

* 45 calendar days only applies to the 45 Day Website Package and does not include any of our Add-on services. Once an Add-on is included, the project will take longer than 45 days.