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Setting up Your Squarespace Account

Every new Squarespace website by Well Oiled Machine starts in a free trial mode, which lasts 14 days. During the first 14 days of design/development, your account must be upgraded and paid for. 

Setting up Your Squarespace Account (PDF)


Squarespace Administration

To access your Squarespace administration panel, go to yourwebsite.com/config. For example, if your website is localbusiness.ca, go to localbusiness.ca/config. Then log in with your email and password.


Squarespace Help

Squarespace offers many resources to help you manage and get the most of our Squarespace website. Browse the links below to find help and tips.

Knowledge Base

Training Videos



content guidelines

Here are some guidelines for writing, preparing, and uploading your text and images for your website.


Write for the web

  • Place the most important content near the top of the page or section. 
  • Use plain, active language that addresses the visitor directly. It's more likely to get their attention. (For example, “Contact us” is more active than “You can reach us by clicking the contact us link”)
  • Break your content into small chunks rather than long paragraphs
  • Make the text easy to scan:  
    • Use headers and subheaders to introduce new topics
    • Use bulleted lists

Write to get found

  • Make your writing "keyword-rich." This means, use meaningful words that convey what your site is all about.
  • Use words that your visitors use when searching. (For example, if you use the word “children” often, try to use variations that your visitor might use, like kids, youth, teens, etc)
  • Use headings and subheadings with keywords

Squarespace's guide to Increasing your site's visibility to search engines

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide (PDF)


The old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words," is just as apt for the web as it is for print. Look for attractive, relevant images that communicate what your business or organization is about.

  • Provide images in the largest size you can. We will optimize and resize them as needed.
  • For photos, send jpeg, png or gif files.
  • For logos, send eps or illustrator files.


Consider Professional Photography

Having trouble finding images? Consider adding one of our professional photography packages to your website package. You will get a professional photography session, and edited, high resolution photographs.

Commercial Photography 

Headshot Photography  


Stock Images

We offer stock photography research, and the use of up to five stock images from thinkstock as part of our 45 Day Website Package

hosting, domains, & email

There are a few things involved in setting up your website address, email addresses and website hosting. 


The great thing about Squarespace is that hosting is included with the account. You do not need to find 3rd party website hosting for your Squarespace site.

If you are transitioning from an old website to a Squarespace site, contact your old hosting provider. If your existing hosting provider is only handling your website hosting, and not your email, you can likely cancel this service. 


How to get a domain name


.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi domains

Squarespace offers domain registration services. All sites on annual billing plans include one free domain for the first year of service. 

Squarespace domains


.ca domains

Squarespace doesn't offer .ca domains. You must register a .ca domain with a registrar that has been authorized by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). 

CIRA's Register your domain


If you already have a domain name

If you have a domain name, we will connect (or map) it to your new website on Squarespace. You will not transfer it from its current registrar.


Multiple domains

You can connect more than one domain on Squarespace. For example, you could register example.com and example.biz, and connect them to your website. 


If you already have custom email accounts, you don't have to change anything when you start using Squarespace.

How to get custom email accounts with Squarespace

For ease of use, we recommend that you set up email accounts in Squarespace. Fees per email account will apply. With a Business or Commercial plan on Squarespace, you get one free email account for one year.

Squarespace Custom email address


Or, get custom email accounts with a 3rd party email hosting plan

If you don't set up your email account in Squarespace, you can shop around for a 3rd party email host and set up your email accounts with them.